Search Marketing is simply about bringing qualified traffic to your site, and converting them into long-term customers.


Search Engine  Optimisation, or SEO, involves defining your market, determining how and why they are looking for your product, then tuning your web presence so you can connect directly to visitors who want your goods and services. SEO brings you more leads and increases your profitability.

An effective online presence with fully integrated SEO provides optimised websites, develops and secures high-quality related incoming and outbound links, and undertakes wider promotions across the web using email, blogs, forums and Social Media using Content Marketing.

Search engines rank sites that are optimised for mobile phone and tablets (“Responsive”), as the numbers of users searching from these devices has increased at an exponential rate, with the massive adoption of smartphones.

Another key factor is speed – although measured in milliseconds  Google knows that users find slow-loading sites unsatisfactory, and sites that contain large images or extraneous code that has to be processed tend to make browsing a slow process, losing potential customers. This is especially important on mobile devices.