So you think business is getting tough and you decide you need a website.

Or you have website but don’t really know if it’s doing much good.

Or you have website, a Facebook business page and are tweeting away like Phoenix palm at sunset, but still you don’t get any sales.

You are spending $50 a day on Adwords since the free offer ran out, but you still are not getting the customers you need to cover the costs.¬†What’s up with that?

Well, what did you expect? Your expectations need to be formed into specific, measurable goals before you can say “It’s just not working”.

Let’s use the tried and tested “fishing” analogy: You’re out in the boat. In the water, you have a rod, bait, hook, sinker and some strong line. All you get are Spotties, what you want is Snapper (or at least I do!)

So, how do we catch a Snapper?

First understand your fish – or target market.

Let’s say your customer is a snapper: Hangs around in a school, eats crustaceans from the sea floor and opportunistically feeds on the debris falling from above.

He’s got a big mouth and is programmed to go for the biggest bit of food first, before the others get to it.

So – you’ll need a big hook, a largish bit of bait, a strong line, and most importantly, be in the place where they are feeding.

Once he strikes the hook, he’ll be trying to get off it, and when you get him to the boat, you don’t want to lose him bringing him on-board.

So let’s think about it:

  • Who is Your market? (Species)
  • Where do they live? (Depth, location)
  • What are they interested in? (Bait)
  • Does your web page reel them into making a decision? (Conversion Rate Optimisation)

And more importantly, what will they tell their friends to enhance your reputation, drive traffic and become brand advocates? (Social Networking – swimming in schools)


I recently quoted for services to perform SEO on a site for a company that were obviously experiencing flagging sales, and hoping to save money by advertising/marketing on the web. When I posed these questions they were unable (or unwilling) to answer them, and when I asked “what are your expectations for your site”, they were equally reticent!

Although the CEO was highly qualified in business, this seemed to be beyond their grasp in relation to optimising their web presence in order to get increased sales and increased customer loyalty to strengthen their brand. I’m rather happy to report that I was not locked into a contract with this business!

A fundamental of marketing is to be able to identify your market, and sustainably supply your product or service profitably. There’s a series of incremental goals to reach that profitable stage that must be considered before creating further strategy. A former client in the same industry benefitted greatly and now leads the SERPs for this category. Without banner advertising!


Will your business be tasting the sweet flesh of Snapper, or cursing the bony spines of Spotties?

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